Law Offices of Maria J. Jaffe

By Maria J Jaffe

There are many divorce lawyers in Chicago IL, but for those who want representation from an attorney who focuses on keeping the process simple, drama-free and fast, the Law Offices of Maria J. Jaffe are a great place to start.

We are dedicated to helping our clients through difficult times by giving them personal attention and effective legal representation at a reasonable cost. We understand the challenges that you and your family are facing and it is important to us that you get the best legal counsel available from the most understanding and dedicated divorce lawyer Chicago has to offer.

It is our goal to resolve every legal dispute as quickly and smoothly as possible, to help make this transition as low-stress as we can. We know that divorce can be a traumatic experience, but we want you to have the best divorce lawyers in Chicago, who understand on the human costs of divorce. We don’t want your relationship with your former flame to be completely destroyed in the process of obtaining a divorce and because of that, we strive to keep things civil and the process moving quickly as you untangle your life from that of another individual. Whether children are involved or there have been no children, we offer representation in contested and uncontested divorces.

The mission of the Law Offices of Maria J. Jaffe is to offer clear, concise legal advice. When you are represented by us, you can rest assured that you are in the capable hands of an experienced, levelheaded divorce lawyer. With our focus on family law, we offer a variety of services, from divorce Chicago to probate and guardianship. The services we offer include contested or uncontested divorces, probate, guardianship, adoption in the Greater Cook County area and other family law matters.

It is our dedication to our clients and to keeping legal proceedings as stress-free and drama-free as possible that set us apart from other

Our offices are centrally located in Chicago, IL, so we are easy to find. Contact the Law Offices of Maria J. Jaffe to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your divorce or other family law issue. We can help you come to terms with monumental relationship changes in Chicago, without judgment or added stress.


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