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By Maria J Jaffe

We are a Chicago based law firm that counsels people facing divorce and other family law disputes. Our areas of expertise include contested and uncontested divorce, probate, guardianship, child support and much more.

At Jaffe Legal, we are constantly evaluating and updating our practices to keep pace with changes in the law, so you can be confident that you are represented by an experienced and knowledgeable family law & divorce law firm in Chicago. With years of experience, Maria Jaffe offers a variety of services, including representation for individuals in uncontested divorce in Chicago area and representation for other family law-related issues.

Divorce and Family Law

Maria Jaffe serves her clients with an understanding ear, competent legal advice and a low-stress, settlement-oriented approach to resolving disputes. She believes that collaborative mediation is often more effective than expensive litigation in resolving family law disputes. Relationships don’t always end after a divorce, and she aims to keep the divorce process amiable and to keep drama out of the situation. This way, the two parties may more easily interact with law stress and drama later on.

Uncontested Divorces

If you find that divorce may be the best option available for you and your spouse, it is very important to then understand what legal options are open to you. Your first step should be to discuss these options with an experienced divorce lawyer in your area. Maria Jaffe’s expertise can guide you and your family through this difficult transition.

An uncontested divorce in Chicago is the best option if both parties agree on the divorce. There are several advantages to choosing this, including continuing an amicable relationship with your spouse. The Law Offices of Maria Jaffe will offer a flat fee in order to provide affordable uncontested divorces Chicago residents can afford. The process for this type of divorce can often take approximately three weeks if both parties agree.

Contact us today to learn about the possibilities and whether we can offer a flat rate for your situation.

Probate and Guardianship

At Jaffe Legal, uncontested divorces aren’t the only service we provide. Ms. Jaffe handles the probate of contested and uncontested wills, as well as contested and uncontested petitions for guardianship of minors and disabled adults.

Personal Injury

At Law Offices of Maria Jaffe we are committed to protectingyour legal right to be compensated for the damages and injuries you havesuffered. You can trust Maria Jaffe to handle your case aggressively tomaximize your recovery while also maintaining the level of privacy and dignityyou deserve. At Law Offices of Maria Jaffe we are able to fight for your rightsin a courtroom. As your advocate, we will fight for your rights and protectyour interests. At Law Offices of Maria Jaffe we will work toassure fair compensation with maximum recovery.

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