Mediation: Avoiding Financial Distress in Chicago Divorce

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There are many reasons why couples may not opt for a divorce to end a dysfunctional relationship, and cost is one of them. However, as stress from the relationship, stress from finances, and stress from jobs make them hesitant to add the stress of divorce to the mix, staying in an unhealthy relationship is also detrimental. Fortunately, there is an alternative to traditional adversarial divorce that Chicago divorce attorneys can provide – mediation.

What is Mediation?

First of all, let us start out by saying that mediation isn’t ideal for every couple. It requires both people to still respect each other and communicate effectively. It works well for those people who want to maintain a productive relationship not only for the benefit of their futures, but also for the futures of any children involved.

Mediation takes place when spouses meet with a qualified neutral professional – usually a divorce lawyer in Chicago – to discuss issues, exchange financial information and to settle the divorce without the courts being involved. Negotiating and reaching a positive resolution requires unique people who are able to “get along for the sake of getting along”. By being able to confer with a divorce lawyer for mediation and coming to an agreement without courts, litigation and the whole traditional process, both spouses can avoid extensive costs and prolonged conflict.

What are the Benefits of Mediation with a Chicago Divorce Attorney?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of mediation with a divorce attorney in Chicago is that it costs less than litigation does. You and your spouse will pay a mediator to work out a settlement, and then your lawyers bring the settlement to court for approval and for the actual divorce. Mediation is not as emotionally charged or as emotionally draining as litigation is, which means it can also be less painful. Instead of two parties “fighting for control” or “fighting for the win” in traditional litigation and divorce, both parties, as well as their children, remain in control. If there is an imbalance of power between spouses, it is equalized by the mediator. Finally, mediation takes less time than litigation, taking a matter of a few months instead of potentially years as can be the case with complicated litigation.

Is Mediation a Viable Alternative for You and Your Spouse?

If you and your spouse can get along amicably still, mediation with a divorce attorney in Chicago may be a great option. However, if one of you is unreasonable, emotionally over-charged, unstable, or “out to get you”, it may not be. To find out if mediation is an option for you and your spouse, or to find out more information regarding it or litigation, contact the law offices of Maria J. Jaffe at 312-641-1050.